"As a personal trainer who has attended various seminars, workshops and fitness conferences, I decided to try out a different educational pursuit and attended one of John Paul's strength training workshops. Without question, JP's strength training workshop was the most valuable educational investment I have made.

During JP's workshop, we covered an assortment of interesting topics and training methods. With a kinesiology degree and a number of highly respected certifications, I thought I had a really advanced knowledge base but JP's workshop taught me just how much there was that I didn't know! Even months down the road, I still regularly look over the 20 page workshop handout we received. The handout alone was worth the price of admission and it continues to be my most valued reference for training information.

After the strength seminar with JP, I soon realized why my lifts have been limited in certain areas. I immediately added some of the "little tricks" I learned to my training that will assist my success in the sport of power lifting. I look forward to big improvements on my lifting totals next season!"

Brian DeCastro, CHEK 1, NLC 1, CPTN, FLMP




"As a competitive powerlifter, I have heard of many of the concepts discussed at JP's seminar. However, I have never seen these applications demonstrated close up before. The hands on use of various pieces of equipment and advanced training applications made it much easier to understand what was being taught.

JP's extensive background and open-mindedness to many different philosophies allows participants like myself to see various training paradigms from a non-biased perspective.
When I met with JP for a consultation on my personal training business, I felt I was truly on the right track. He was very clear with me about the many options we have in the industry and as result my 5 year vision is now becoming more clear. It was definitely worth the investment!"

I would very highly recommend JP's seminars to anyone who wants to advance their training knowledge by leaps and bounds."

Brendan J. Fox, Hon Kin, CSCS, CFC, CK



"I have been a student of John Paul Catanzaro for over two years. His approach to health and fitness is a combination of the knowledge gleaned by studying under such notable authorities. He has learned a considerable amount by experimenting with new and interesting training techniques on himself and his many clients.

Additionally, he has a way of explaining even the most complicated concept in terms that anyone can understand. He does not give the individual the answer directly - instead, he asks them questions to get them to think on a different level and come up with their own answers, which, in turn, leads to a much better understanding of the concept compared to just simple memorization. This approach is used by just a small minority of the true mentors I've studied under and explains why I continue to return to him for consultations.

Also, Mr. Catanzaro has guided me in growing my business. Since I have been consulting with him, my supplement business has grown by an incredible 400% in less than two years! This is almost unheard of in this industry! 

For anyone interested in learning more about being a successful personal trainer, coach and business person, I HIGHLY recommend you contact Mr. Catanzaro. You will not be disappointed!"
George Stavrou
President, Body Sculpting Corp.
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