“As a personal trainer, it is my responsibility to keep my knowledge up to date. This is where JP comes into the picture. I regard him as one of the top experts in the health & fitness field.

What I like about JP particularly is that his material is always backed up with solid references. JP provides you with objective evidence and different theories on each subject in his workshops. Given all the references and theories he presents, I could then do my own research and comparisons. As a result, I am able to advocate what I believe through my own research. To me, that's education, and that is the exact way - I believe - how all seminars should be held.

The numerous workshops and several one-on-one consultations with JP have truly been one of the best investments that I have made through-out my career. They have definitely benefited my business and my ability as a health & fitness professional."

Steve Lui, B.Sc. Physiology
Personal Trainer, Post-Rehabilitation & Injury Specialist
President, Wave Training System



"Through my journey of becoming a personal trainer, I was always in search of knowledge and answers. Upon meeting John Paul I was steered in the right direction through research and contacts.

John Paul always has time to answer your questions and is always one step ahead when it comes to new research in the field. My education as a trainer has been enhanced by John Paul."
Michael Conroy
Strength Coach, Totum Life Science



“All my educational experiences with JP have provided me with critical information that has altered my approach in working with my own clients immediately.
JP has been able to clarify and prioritize for me, certain training methodologies which have resulted in creating a greater efficiency in the work that I do with my clients.
One of JP's greatest gifts is that he is willing to share that which he knows. His ever growing list of resources has been a tremendous asset to me and I always am reaching for the 'JP files' when I start off with a new client.
JP has very much influenced my approach and standards to which I work. There is no doubt that he has greatly helped me succeed on numerous fronts with my clientele."
Barbara Joy, B.P.H.E., CPTN-CPT  
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