"JP is a trainer of trainers. He is the most well-read and informed trainer I have ever met. He has a genuine interest in improving fitness and nutrition for everyone through education. His monthly newsletters are well-researched and highly informative.

I attended one of JP's courses and learned a lot of useful techniques and information on effective training. I tried the calf growth program and my calves got HUGE (1/2 inch)! If he can do that for calves, a muscle group that is very difficult to grow imagine what he can do for the rest of your body!"
Vivian Law, B.P.H.E., C.K.
Studio Manager, Totum Life Science



"I feel privileged to have found such a mentor in John Paul. His calibre of expertise and professionalism have set a high standard for the industry. His teachings are not only academic; they are practical and experienced based lessons that have afforded me valuable skills, insights and resources in my own career.
John Paul continues to encourage me on many levels: my own training, self-education, business and personal growth projects. John Paul also has a spirit of teamness about him and helps others to become great. He is the first to refer people to other professionals (including personal trainers). He loves a good debate and challenge. I have seen the value of this on many levels and now welcome it for myself.
Sometimes, if you listen very, very carefully, his jokes are actually funny!"
Trionne Moore, CFC, CFT, PRS, CFL
Professional Salsa Dancer & Instructor Body Roots Inc.


"My name is Chris Roberts and I operate a self defense business for women in Ontario along with being a Certified Personal Trainer. I had heard about John Paul Catanzaro’s seminars from another personal trainer who highly recommended that I attend.

 JP provided vast amounts of cutting edge material on strength training, nutrition and supplementation which had me convinced within the first few hours that I was going to become a client of JP’s. We had the opportunity at the seminar to take all my body measurements and body fat readings.
We also set up a plan to lower my body fat which was at 20.89% through a new approach to training and nutrition. I also had issues with my back in the past and JP analyzed my technique on a number of exercises. With this new plan I was able to lose 2% body fat in the first month without doing any cardio.
Over the next several months we kept adjusting my monthly workouts and nutritional plans to achieve my goals. By November of 2006, I was down to 13.86% body fat with a lot more strength and energy than I had ever had before.
I continue to visit JP monthly and have made a huge number of JP’s tips part of my daily routine. JP has a vast amount of knowledge which he provides in a practical and easy to understand manner. He is motivational and has a genuine excitement for the topic of health and fitness. I am planning on continuing my association with JP for a long time to come."
Chris Roberts
SAFE International
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